Health, Fitness And Diet – Setting Goals To Get In Shape

If you feel that you do not look the way you did a few years ago, or feel the way you did chances are that you need to get into shape. I mean you need to plan a fitness routine that will get you on the road to health, fitness and general well being that brings with it a great looking body accompanied by high spirits.

Health and fitness have a way of making a person live life to the full. Healthy individuals are very high on self esteem and suffer fewer ‘lows’ than their unhealthy counterparts. However, it is not easy to maintain great health and fitness for every individual. For some it comes naturally, but then those people will definitely have a very healthy lifestyle that includes, a good diet, plenty of exercise and a not so sedentary lifestyle, I mean they burn off what they eat through the day.

So if you have been neglecting your health and body for the past few years, chances are that you are now contemplating a health, fitness and diet program to get back into shape. Thought the thought is good, is the plan fool proof? I mean, are you up to it mentally? Because if you are not, it is best you do not start something you cannot finish. Because as exercising goes the body has a way of gaining even more pounds if the person gives up on exercise after taking to it for a few weeks. So prepare yourself mentally for a thorough work out and then go for it.

Most people jump into a health, fitness and diet program with great gusto without giving it a second thought. The problem here is that once you start an exercise routine you must stick to it no matter what. Agreed that a fitness routing is tiring and boring but it has to be gone through. There are ways of making it exciting and fun. A good fitness instructor has all the tricks up his or her sleeve to make your exercise routine enjoyable. So sign up with a gym or fitness center and work closely with your training instructor to lose those excess pounds then change the routine to keep the flab at bay.

Including yoga and meditation is a good way of preparing yourself for a long fitness routine. This way you can meditate and program your self mentally to stick to the fitness program. Before you begin you must understand that your body needs as many months to get into shape as many years you have neglected it. So if you give up before that you are going nowhere with the program.

10 Fitness and Nutrition Tips That Will Help You Stick To Your Resolutions

Resolving to take on new and better practices, routines, and habits for daily living at the start of New Year makes sense for a variety of reasons. The New Year is a natural marker and starting point for new and improved behaviors; after the indulgences of the holiday season, it feels good to make healthier choices; and with everyone else at it, there is a renewed focus on fitness and nutrition. Below are ten tips to help start the New Year with health and happiness and to see it through until the next.

Eat Your Colors
1) Prepare one or two servings of raw veggies or fruit to take to work or school. Eat these as snacks instead of chips or cookies. Choose a red, green, and orange colored snack combination one day and a yellow, blue and purple the next. When it comes to health, eating a well balanced diet that includes the recommended servings of grains, lean protein, healthy fats, dairy and produce is an easy start in the New Year. Many find that following the recommendation to eat the rainbow is a good one.

2) For those who tend to focus on red meat, think of white meat alternatives such as chicken, turkey or pork. Regardless of the type of meat, choose lean cuts and opt for grilling or marinating versus frying and breading.

3) Take tip number two to the next level and think of pink or orange protein sources. Ahi tuna and salmon provide protein and healthy fats. They tend to cook quickly and are easy to grill as well.

Make Exercise A Family Affair
4) Once the healthy eating has begun, compliment it with some physical activity and exercise. This can be a great way to get in quality family time as well. Have some fun family competition in a game of touch football, a game of HORSE, or on a rainy or cold day, with the physically active games on the home gaming system

5) For families with younger children, plan family nature walks to get the kids walking and keep them entertained, or plan bike trips to local destinations such as the library or farmer’s market. Those with older children or no children join the gym together and have fun trying new workouts, classes and machines.

Preventive Medicine
6) See the doctor for an annual physical and check up, each member of the family. Discuss any questions regarding fitness and nutrition. Eating well and exercising are great forms of preventative medicine.

7) Keep immunizations up to date. Talk with your doctor in step 6 and follow doctor’s orders.

8) Be true to your beliefs and values and take care of the soul, just as the heart and body are taken care of as well. For those with a faith tradition, attend services as a family. Maybe try a new service at a different worship center or just a different time at the family’s house of worship.

9) Incorporate new forms of spiritual well being such as a yoga class or meditation.

10) Say thanks. What better way to stay happy than to realize something good each day and to say thank you for it.

Fitness Boot Camp – Ideal For Health, Fitness and Weight Loss

Achieving the desired standards of health and fitness, is an important concern for the over stressed professionals of today. A fitness boot camp is a relatively new and effective concept that effectively helps in this regard. It has emerged as a one stop solution for losing weight, improving fitness and dealing with specific health conditions. The cost effectiveness has also made it a popular choice with individuals and organizations alike.

Understanding the mechanics of and how it works is very important before opting for it. A boot camp generally a group exercise activity for a period of 4 to 8 weeks. The exercises offered are a blend of traditional and heavy weight exercises, which encourage camaraderie and improve stamina. These sessions are ideally held in open spaces like parks and play grounds and each class comprises of 6 to 10 people. The duration of each session is about 30 to 40 minutes, of which the first 10 minutes are utilized for warm up.

Weight Loss

There are specific camps with weight loss as their prime goal. A boot camp tests your endurance by pushing you towards performing more than you thank you can. This extra bit definitely helps in weight loss. There are competitive activities like team competitions and partner exercises, which help in keeping the motivation levels high. The presence of a support group also helps a great deal. You end up comparing yourself to the rest of the group unknowingly, and this propels you to strive harder.

Camps for weight loss also incorporate activities like kick boxing in their regime, which burns more calories in a short span of time. An ideal program also provides nutritional coaching, guiding you through a healthy diet routine. Eating the right things will complement your exercise regime, to help achieve the desired results faster. The nutritional information gathered here will stay with you for the rest of your life even after the completion of the boot camp.

Health and Fitness Levels

A boot camp works towards improving fitness levels, however one needs to do a fitness assessment to check if he is ready to be part of it. It is an intense program which can cause serious injuries to people who are not physically fit, to take it on.

A fitness camp offers a whole combination of exercises which include Plyometrics, Ball Exercises, Callisthenics, Kick Boxing, Resistance Training and Band Training, among others. Such exercise formats boost fitness levels and stamina in a more interesting way than routine workouts; which get tedious after a point.

The support group also play a major role in keeping the motivation alive. Being a part of a group also enhances goal orientation and helps to maintain a focused approach. Nutritional coaching will also help you achieve the desired fitness level. Most importantly, a boot camp gives you information on a comprehensive fitness regime. The instructor will provide information regarding the ideal exercises for you and the correct way of doing them. You can actually take note of this valuable information and use it all your life, for sustained results.

Cost effective and Fun

It is both cost effective and fun. Engaging a personal trainer can prove to be much costlier. It’s better to join a camp with similar orientation for effective outcomes. Also, performing amongst a support group is so much more fun. In a group, everybody sets standards for each other, raising the performance level of the entire group. Endurance levels are also put to test and working out together also keeps the excitement and the zing alive.

Therefore, bootcamps are an ideal choice for achieving the desired levels of health and fitness, without having to burn a hole in your pocket.