Swimming – Exercise That’s Healthy And Fun

C.H.E.E.R.: Circulation Health Exercise Energy Routine

Circulation increases while swimming. Whether floating about, stroking through a set of laps or just playing around, swimming is fantastic exercise for your heart and circulatory system. That’s because the water constantly offers resistance no matter what the movement you make – movement that elevates your heart rate – all in an environment of buoyancy so there’s less stress on aching joints and muscles.

Health benefits of swimming are clear. Swimming regularly builds endurance, enhances muscle tone and increases cardio-vascular fitness. What’s more, swimming is an activity in which almost everyone, regardless of skill level, can participate. That means nearly everyone who owns a pool (or enjoys a pool) can benefit.

Exercise recommendations. No doubt you’ve heard or read that a healthy lifestyle should include at least three, half-hour periods of exercise per week for health, fitness and general well-being. Swimming regularly allows you to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts at your own pace. Or if you’re just getting back into an exercise program, a swimming pool offers you an opportunity to get much-needed exercise while simply having fun.

Energy to spare for swimmers. A healthy body is a happy body. A few hours a week in the pool can do wonders for your overall level of energy. Exercise helps the body produce natural chemicals that tend to stimulate both body and mind, giving you a natural and generally harmless way to boost your energy over time.

Routine is anything but for swimmers. The key to maximizing the benefits of swimming, or any form of exercise, is to develop a routine for participating in that exercise. What makes swimming so unique is that your exercises (strokes and activity) can change session to session, helping you develop a routine that’s easier to stick to. Swimming can even become exercise you look forward to, and reward yourself with, as the week goes on.

Obviously, anyone considering swimming or any other exercise program should consult with a physician prior to beginning a program. But once you’ve determined your level of readiness and overall general health, look out:

There’s plenty of C.H.E.E.R. waiting for you in the swimming pool!