The Lap Pool – Perfect For Both Fitness And Fun

One of the best exercises and forms of relaxation you can have is swimming. And perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way to swim in your yard or even in your house is by purchasing a lap pool.

Many families spend thousands of dollars on large pools designed for aesthetic and recreation reasons. There’s no question that these are great fun, and if they are well maintained, they look great too. They make your yard the ideal spot for you to either relax or entertain guests. But pools also require a lot of money and work to both build and maintain.

Some homeowners however are seeing the added benefit of choosing a lap pool over the traditional recreation pool. This is especially true if exercise is your primary reason for purchasing a pool. If you’re seeking to improve your health and fitness, then a lap pool could be a boon to your life!

Lap pools are created to generate a constant flow of water where you can swim against the current, delivering a fantastic low-impact workout for your body. Athletes routinely use lap pools to increase their endurance and skill in swimming competitions.

But it’s not just swimmers who enjoy the benefits. Athletes in any sport can improve their performance by swimming in a lap pool. Better still, you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit; you just have to want to be healthy.

Here’s why swimming in a lap pool is an almost perfect exercise. Obviously it’s great for your cardiovascular system. You get a tremendous aerobic workout. But because it’s low impact, you don’t have to worry about aching joints and knees like you would if you were running. In addition, the water provides resistance, meaning you will also be strengthening your muscles, much like you would if you were lifting weights.

Not only are lap pools less costly than a traditional pool, but they take up less room and don’t require as much maintenance, either. You can get different sizes, but a lap pool is generally about 5 feet long with a narrow width.

Another option is a full size lap pool, a long and narrow pool where you actually do swim back and forth.

When you meet with a professional pool installation specialist, he or she can guide you into the options available for you – like whether you want an above ground lap pool or one that sits in the ground. You’ll also get to choose the kind of lap pool that suits your budget.

A lap pool delivers a spa-like experience with warm water that massages your muscles. You can adjust the setting of the jets, warm up for your vigorous swim, and cool down by resting on the seats situated on the sides of the pool.

This kind of pool helps you build strength for your muscles but it’s far less dangerous than other kinds of exercise where the risk of injury is great. If you’re looking to maintain or improve your health, or even recover from an injury, then a lap pool could be the answer to all of your fitness needs.